MLMA Association

The Minks Lash & Microblading Association (MLMA) was founded by Minks’ CEO and beloved instructor, Jenoir Lynne'. The association was created to establish a platform for lash and microblading artists to connect, share information, and encourage one another. We also plan to host seminars and conferences to help beauty professionals further their education, stay on top of the latest techniques, and mingle with like-minded professionals. Please see the benefits of membership below:

Membership is free

Free giveaways

Continuous support 

Meet fellow lash & microblading artists

Get tips on skills

Get encouragement 

Learn industry secrets 

Discounts on select Minks classes & products 

Stay connected 

Recognition for the Member of the Month club recipients!


To join MLMA, please click the "Join MLMA" button at the bottom of the web page. Or go to Facebook and simply search our group name, Minks Lash & Microblading Association. Be sure to share pics of your work, tips, hacks, and words of encouragement. To be eligible for the Member of The Month Club, members must show consistent interaction by posting ad commenting regularly.