Online Classes

Online classes are our distance learning option for students who are unable to travel to us. These classes are only recommended for students who are able to pick up new skills quickly, are good at self-teaching, and are self-motivated. Online students should also have a high level of patience in order to successfully complete the program. It is also the student's responsibility to practice often to reinforce the skills learned in class.

Online sessions are done via video conference with an instructor. Students must have a quiet room to set up where there will be no interruptions. A set up at a table with a comfortable chair and excellent lighting is best. Students must also have capabilities in their set-up for hands free learning where their cell phone or computer can be angled down at their hands as they work. It may also be a good idea to have reading glasses or magnifying specs with you to ensure optimum visibility. Your kit and materials will be mailed before the date of class. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN YOUR PACKAGE UNTIL WE MEET FOR CLASS.

All online classes must be booked and paid in full, at least one week prior to your requested training date. To ensure your requested date is available, please email or call us at 844-646-5763. Select the "PAY-IN-FULL" option on the Registration tab to submit your class fee.


Online lash extension class $725  (Regularly $1099) 
The 3 hour training course includes:

Lash training manual

History of lash extensions


Health & safety

Hands-on practice

Marketing & branding info

Product & supplies resources

Client forms


Certificate of completion

Post class support

Free Minks Association membership

Starter kit (includes enough product to service 20+ clients) includes: lashes, adhesive, remover, primer, mascara brushes, applicators, tweezers, mirror, tape, and more!


Online microblading class $1350 (Regularly $1700)

The 4 hour course includes:

Microblading training manual

Color theory

Bloodborne pathogen overview

Licensing and permit info

Microshading, microblading, microfeathering, & 2D/3D brow techniques

Permanent makeup health & safety

Hands-on microblading practice

Marketing & branding

Product & supplies resources


Certificate of completion

Starter kit (all supplies included with enough product to service 20+ clients)

 Post class support

Free Minks Association membership

*kit includes: pigment/ink, microblading pen, variety of needles, measuring tool, cotton rounds, gloves, bonnets, pigment rings, practice skins, wipes, and more!


Online Advanced Microshading $400 *this is an add on to the microblading course. It can not be taken alone.

This training course includes: microshading machine, microshading needles, Instruction on how to properly use the microshading machine, the ombre' technique, and much more! 


Online Lash & Microblading Combo Class $1950 (Regularly $2350) This 7 hour course includes:

The online combo includes everything listed in the lash extension ad microblading Classe above. Students will receive 1 lash kit and manual AND 1 microblading kit and manual! This class must be split into 2 half days. Please keep this in mind when scheduling.


Disclaimer: students MUST do their due diligence to research what the state board requirements are for their specific state. In most states, you must have a cosmetology or esthetics license or be in a state-approved apprenticeship program to practice lash extensions and have a tattoo or permanent makeup permit/license or be in a state-approved apprenticeship program to practice microblading. For all body sculpting services, most states require a massage therapy, esthetics, or nursing license. Although these are what most states require, STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE'S REGULATIONS by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and Board of Health. Students must also agree that they either already have their license, or agree to obtain it before they begin servicing clients.