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Get a vacuum butt therapy machine, laser lipo & body cavitation (ultrasound) machine, sauna bag, and wood therapy tools!


✔️The vacuum butt therapy machine has multiple  intensity settings. The large butt cups (6 inches wide) are durable and easy to use. Machine includes two butt cups and a knuckle cup. All hoses and cord included. (110 V / US PLUG)

✔️Butt vacuum cups (6 inches wide) and knuckle cup, plus hoses. CUPS SET ONLY! NO MACHINE.

✔️The ultrasound machine is 6-in-1! Includes probes for body cavitation (1), radio frequency skin tightening (3 different sized probes for face and body), laser lipoysis (6 large body pads and 2 small face pads), and vacuum RF probe for lymphatic drainage 

[Ultrasound unit Specifications:Power supply Input:100V-240V Power :190W ~40K Cavitation Head
Frequency:40KHz Power:20W~Sextupolar 3D RF for Body Freqeuncy:1MHz Power:50W ~Quadrupole RF with Vacuum Freqeuncy:1MHz Power:50W~ Vacuum: <-80kPa Pressure: >250kPa Air flow: >10L/minute Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)~ Quadrupole 3D RF for face Freqeuncy:1MHz Power:30W~ 3D Bipolar RF
Freqeuncy:1MHz Power:10W]

✔️Sauna detox bag includes the reusable bag and control panel. It features multiple heat settings, timer, and dual heat control (top and bottom).

✔️Wood therapy tools include full set of tools. Includes sculpter, mushroom, smoother, cube, and cupping tool. 

✔️Body product kit includes large size Hot Lava cream, Therma Firm cream, Tone Tight oil, measuring tape, and thermal body wrap roll