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Our group classes offer a full kit, practice materials, training book, client forms with waiver, and so much more! Our VIP private sessions give you all that the group class has to offer plus an upgraded kit and one-on-one training.


I'm so glad I chose Minks! This was the best money i've ever spent! I can't wait to apply all that Jenoir taught me in class.

Brittany C.

I was skeptical about doing a one-day class but Jenoir was such an awesome teacher and the class was so thorough! I learned a lot today.

Amy G.

This class was outstanding and Jenoir is the Best!!! If you don't train with Minks, you will be missing out!

Fernanda R.

I trained with another company last year and I didn't feel prepared enough so I found Minks and took a training with them. I'm SO glad I did. I wish I had found them sooner. I'll definitely be back for more classes soon.

Michael S.

So many good things to say about this class! I am now ready to take on the lash and brow industry!!!

Karen J.

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