LASH CLASSES  *also available online 

Intro to Lash Extensions (1 day session) $625  (Regularly $875) 4 hours

This introductory class is great for fast-learning beginners. The accelerated course teaches the basic techniques of applying lash extensions. Hands-on practice is done on a mannequin.

VIP Private Sessions  (1 day session)  $725  (Regularly $1099) 4 hours

This private introductory class is recommended for fast-learners that are great at self-led practice. The course teaches students the basic techniques of lash extension application. The class is held in our private training suite, one-on-one with an instructor. Students also have the option to bring a live model for practice. * Live model not included for online session. 

Extensive Classic & Volume Lash Extensions (2 day session) $950  6-8 hours or choose a 5-day lash class for $2500

Learn the techniques of classic and volume lash extension application. Class covers sanitation, lash theory, lash types and sizes, product info, the differences between classic, volume, and volume blend lashing techniques, and basic fundamentals of volume fan creation. Day one consists of textbook learning and hands-on practice with a mannequin. Day two covers advanced styling techniques and practice on a live model.

Intro to Volume Lash Extensions (1 day session) $400  2-3 hours 

This class is for experienced artists who have previously been trained in classic lash extensions. Learn to create 2D, 3D, and 4D volume fans by hand. Give your clients fuller sets and lash them quicker! Class covers sanitation, lash theory, lash types and sizes, product info, the differences between classic, volume, and volume blend lashing techniques, and basic fundamentals of volume fan creation. Class includes mini kit with class materials, volume lash instruction reference materials, and certificate. 

Registration required prior to all classes. Please go to the register tab.
* deposit required at registration* 

All classic lash extension classes include:

Lash training manual

History of lash extensions


Health & safety

Hands-on practice

Marketing & branding 

Product & supplies resources

Client forms


Certificate of completion

Post class support

Free Minks Association membership

Starter kit ( enough product to service 20+ clients) includes: lashes, adhesive, remover, primer, mascara brushes, applicators, tweezers, mirror, tape, mannequin and more!

Advanced Courses

Lash Stylist's Refresher Course $285 sale price! (Regularly $375)

Online classes available *$100 deposit required. Must already be certified with proof of certification* 

The 2 hour training course includes: evaluation of the stylist's current technique, tips on how to improve technique and speed, and info on lash styling. Student's have the option of bringing a live model. Students must bring their own practice materials with them to class or purchase separately from Minks.


Master Lash Trainer's Course $999 sale price! (Regularly $1500)

Online classes available *$200 deposit required. Must  be an established, certified lash extension stylist with 6 months or more experience. Proof of certification required* 

The one-day, 4 hour course includes instruction on the fundamentals of training others, planning and teaching strategies, trainer's product source info, trainer's documents, and master trainer's certification/certificate. 


Disclaimer: students MUST do their due diligence to research what the state board requirements are for their specific state. In most states, you must have a cosmetology or esthetics license or be in a state-approved apprenticeship program to practice lash extensions and have a tattoo or permanent makeup permit/license or be in a state-approved apprenticeship program to practice microblading. For all body sculpting services, most states require a massage therapy, esthetics, or nursing license. Although these are what most states require, STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE'S REGULATIONS by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and Board of Health. Students must also agree that they either already have their license, or agree to obtain it before they begin servicing clients. Minks does not license students(only the state board can license). If you are in a cosmetology or esthetics program and in need of credit hours, check with your current school first before enrolling to be sure they will accept the Minks credit hours. Minks is not responsible for any students not being given credit hours.