Lip Filler Training 
(5 hrs) $1300

Give clients the look of fuller lips without the needle! This advanced technology uses air pressure to eject the hyaluronic acid solution into client's lips without a needle! Earn $200-$250 per client! Appointment time is usually 1 hour or less.

The No-needle dermal filler application class is the new trend is taking the industry by storm. The Master Course covers : Lips, “11’s” and nasal labial. The course is open to non-medical students although we have trained nurses, medical students and dental assistants.

The course is an intensive class and includes a student kit so you can start working immediately. We teach our students the technique and information required to confidently start offering this service to clients. The fully comprehensive course covers: Anatomy of the skin, Hyaluronic Acid, Safety , health and hygiene, hazard waste disposal, pain protocols, consent forms, consultations, work station set up and students get actual practice on live models! Students are provided vendor info to product suppliers and insurance providers. Certification received upon successfully completing the practical.

No previous medical training is required to enroll on the course but will likely be required by your state to perform the technique.

Students provide their own models for class.



Liquid Lipo “shots” Training (3 hrs) $999

Remove fat in unwanted areas for clients without the needle! This advanced technology uses air pressure to eject the fat dissolving solution into client's fatty trouble areas ! Earn $120-$250 per client! Appointment time is usually 1hour.

The liquid lipo fat remover class is the newest, most effective trend to get rid of fat. Learn how to effectively and safely use the devict. Also learn about the fat dissolving solution and how it works.

Class includes starter kit with administering tool, fat dissolving solution, booklet, certificate and more!